Asset Inspection

Performing asset inspections is typically high-risk. Construction sites, stockpiles, telecommunication towers or just a building, can pose serious OH&S risks to your team, which can add significant resources, costs and time. Drones eliminate the need for elevated work platforms, scaffolding, scissor lifts and ladders to get the job done.

Ensuring quality maintenance of assets is not always easy to do at a reasonable cost. By sending drones in the air, companies can visually inspect large assets or those located in hard-to-reach areas more quickly and cost-effectively.

  • Dam inspection with aerial images
    Dams, are large structures requiring time-consuming inspections and specialized safety equipment and protocols for physical access.
    Images from aerial drone surveys can be used rather than manpower for these often dangerous inspections or for the examination of inaccessible features.
  • Road safety with 3D images from drone
    Using a 3D model of a mountain road and its potential slopes above allow engineers to inspect rocks that could threaten the safety of the road. If any rocks look unstable, they will inspect them on-site. By comparing surveys each year, the engineers are able to identify and study any changes that might indicate a rock fall that would take action to prevent it.
  • Site progress monitoring
    During the construction phase, given the relatively low cost of using a drone to collect visual data on a construction site, it’s possible to carry out surveys on a regular basis and build up a record of progress.
    This timeline of information can be used to control and validate tasks more quickly, saving time and ensuring that deadlines are met.