• The resolution of our maps is usually up to 5cm per pixel, and if required we can provide higher resolutions. We also process the data to deliver full 3D terrain models (e.g. DSM, DTM) to a fit for purpose resolution level.
  • These outputs are fully geo-referenced and ortho-rectified, allowing measurements and calculations can be taken directly from them, such as distance, area and slope calculations right up to volume analysis.
  • In an ever increasing digitised world, drones provide the ability to easily and accurately capture information required for planning and analysis.

3D Mapping Topography

  • Large areas can be covered and mapped and these models can be used for all types of engineering design and planning.


  • High resolution photography spatially rectified – useful for planning and historical records

Volume Surveys

  • Quick, easy and accurate surveys of stockpiles of any material. Removes the need for the surveyor to walk the stockpile ensuring a safer work practice.


  • Our smaller drone allows us to access and inspect areas within confined spaces. An important tool to manage maintenance of infrastructure. Our larger drone can manage wind speed up to XXm/s and are used for inspecting powerlines, dam walls, roof tops, pipelines, conveyors.


  • Recorded footage can be viewed from anywhere in the world.